February 27, 2012

Swiss Valentines Day!

How we celebrated ourValenitines day. The night before we all went out to dinner….at the roof restaurant that Kaylie has been asking to go to every time we pass it on our walk home. We told Kaylie that it was a fancy restaurant and we had to be grow up in it and she did just that. Even going as far as twirling her spagethi around a fork…which for a girl who usually eats with her hands it is saying a lot. She was over the moon about getting to sit out in the sunroom ( which is what you can see from the street and why she calls it the roof restaurant and she even got to sit on the couch seat.) Afterward dad took the girls to pick out some ice cream and I went to the store to try to come up with a way to make valentines a celebration for the girls the next day, feeling badly that they would be missing out on class parties and valentines from friends. I spent about 100$ on very little. I am not sure that the swiss recognize Valentines day, as there was nothing out in the stores...cards or candy and such. What I walked out of the store with. Two heart shaped ballons and a roll of red christmas wrapping paper. Some pink glaze frosting, and heart bisquit cookies, some candy ladybugs and hearts, strawberrys, and a package of red paper napkins.

They woke up to ballons and notes, and jelly doughnuts and a few decorations ( I had made from paper napkins). Then I showed them the boxes ( left over from cereal...it was really a make-shift valentines) we were going to make into mailboxes and explained all about how we write each other special notes for valenitnes day. And how we were going to make a special lunch and have a party with dad at lunch time. Kaylie set about to make all the preparations…Audrey was just happy about doughnuts and her ballon.

We made some cookies and notes and decorations and of course dad showed up with chocolate and flowers for each of you girls and even a liter of diet coke for mom . I even helped the girls get fancy in pink and red dresses and even let them put on perfume and makeup.It was really
Kaylie's kind of day.

She was really excited about the notes in the box and we made them on and off all day long, cutting and coloring. She kept asking when we got to open the boxes and I kept explaining that they were just going to be notes, and it seemed she understood, but was still excited. After
dinner I let them open up the boxes and they were super happy about all the notes….I had filled it with several, and Kaylie were excited to see us open our notes from her that she had worked hard on. Kaylie is so cute about special thing, when she is told that something is special, she really treats it as such.
Audrey was a little bit young to understand, but she does understand chocolate very well and all day, she would go pick a chocolate out of the box and peel it and eat it. She was a chocolate covered mess most of the day . We even skyped grandma and she kept bringing her chocolates and showing them to her and then eating them.
These girls are really the best. I know it doesnt take much to please most little ones, but they seemed delighted by our minimalistic celebration. They are getting so close here. I am sure it is a combination of Audrey getting older, and Kaylie lacking other friends, but they play together all day long and for the most part are so sweet. Everyday when we go out they insist that only the two of them ride the small elevator of our apartment building together alone. It is like thier little secret clubhouse that lasts for approximately one minute while I walk down the stairs. And they always come out giggling and silly. Seriously , I love these two girls!

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Marcie said...

Oh, Amy what a magical day! I'm sure this is a Valentines Day that you will never forget.