June 29, 2008

11 weeks old!

Kaylie had her two month old check -up this week. She had to get five shots...it was horrible for her and me. She weighed in a almost 12 lbs. We love her chubby cheeks. I can't believe how big she is getting. These are just a few picts I took this week. See what I am talking about with the chubby cheeks? She is healthy and happy ( most of the time) and we couldn't be happier too.


Ryan, Meagan, and Jase said...

Wow- she is getting big and her chubby cheeks are so adorable. What a CUTE baby she is. They do grow up way too fast- I can't believe Jase was once that small. It is such a miracle to watch them learn and develope. We are looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!

Chad & Keysha Peck said...

Love the cheeks! The bigger the cheeks, the better! I hated shots (and still do). I cried when Carsen got his very first shots...now I am getting a little better. (Sheesh Amy, you're a nurse! You're supposed to be used to needles! Kidding!)