June 18, 2008


When we started to landscape our backyard two years ago, we decided to plant roses against the house. So off to Lowe's to pick our plants we went. Jeff picked out two $30 yellow rose bushes, and I being the cheapskate that I am, and believing that you shouldn't have to pay for nature chose $10 bushes and tried to convince Jeff that spending that kind of money on a plant was stupid. Here are the yellow roses...and where are the ones I picked out. One died the first winter and the other the next. Oh well - I am enjoying my roses, even if it means Jeff was right and I was wrong about them.


Anonymous said...

That is so something I would do too..pick the cheaper roses because eventually they'll grow nice and big too, right? Apparently not always :) Those roses are gorgeous though!

The Tomlinson's said...

We have some roses also, but they have not given us any yet. We have decided that the flowers are just like kids.