September 02, 2008

Kaylie tried a few new things this weekend...the first was swimming. She loved the pool and we only got out after almost an hour because it was getting late ( It is still 100' at night so we went just before sunset). She learned to splash and we just pulled her around in the water. She was really happy and calm the whole time. It looks like we are going to have a fish for a daughter.

The second new thing was real food...and when I say real I mean rice cereal. Really how appietizing could this be? The first experience you can see on her face in the first pict. She was concerned to say the least about what was happening. The second time around we got a much better response, though I can't say much more of it actually eaten. We thought for sure Kaylie would be much more of an eating champ... She has been to this point as far as milk or formula was concerned. She was sitting with us at the dinner table a week ago and when we stopped looking at her for a second, she had a fistful of soft taco and the wrapper and was with true excitement trying to figure out what how she could get it into her mouth. Although that is what she trys to do with everything she gets her hands on ... we thought this for sure was a true sign that she was ready and willing to eat people food. Maybe that is just watered down rice cereal really food. Perhaps we have a gourmet on our hands. Or maybe she just want a little more of what she got a taste of last week...quiero taco bell little kaylie?


Crystal said...

this made me laugh out loud.

Dan & Ali said...

I was so glad when Crystal added me to her blog list and that I could find everyone else. Thanks for adding me to your blog and I will add you to mine!

The Cox Family said...

I can't believe that it is 100 degrees at night! Wow! I hope you guys are enjoying it down there. I am sure Kaylie will be spending a ton of time in the water!

Cameron Family said...

What a cutie. She better get get used to spending time in the pool with that heat. Glad that she loved it!