September 20, 2008

Mesa Temple

We found the mesa temple today. It is actually only like 15 minutes away. It just kind of appears. We are driving through downtown and then there it is. It is pretty in its own sort of way....not palacial like most temples I have seen. It is more like a washington monument meets mexican ruin. Looking at the picture above it kind of reminds me of what a temple might have looked like in ancient times. It was fun to walk around the grounds, obviously with Kaylie we couldn't go inside. It is wonderful though how even just being on the outside of the temple you can feel the spirit.


The Eggett Family said...

Amy -

I visit Crytals blog every now and then, and found your blog through hers. Your baby is so SWEET! I decided it's time to add you to my blogging friends list. I hope you don't mind.

Our blog is set on private but if you'd like an invite e-mail me at

Love -
Shelley McDonald Eggett

Anonymous said...

Amy - Welcome to AZ! I hope you aren't too homesick! If you ever need anything have Crystal give you my number and I would be happy to help. It is hard to be away from friends and family I know, but I hope Arizona can become a home you love!

The Tomlinson's said...

I really like that Temple. We have been there during Christmas time. They really do it up nice! People from all over come to see it (both members and non). They do live nativity. It is really nice. You will enjoy it.

Julander Family said...

At the chance you'll be in town come hang out with us this Saturday the 27th @ Holly Mahoney's house @ noon. We're having a get together for Sara Villella. Her dad passed away last week and she'll be in town for the funeral. She could use some love. If you need directions check out the class of 2000 hotmail.
Thanks Em

Horner Family said...

Love that temple! That is where Tyler and I were engaged.

Krachel said...

I check out your blog occasionally... what happens is Amy, I'll see a post from you on my cousin Crystal's blog and then I wonder how the two of you are doing. It probably goes back to Jeff and I corresponding a time or two in regards to our class reunion, which just makes me wonder how things went with the move and all. At any rate, the Chicken Rolls recipe looks fantastic (not to mention super easy) so if you don't mind I'm copying it. I hear you on the 'watching the food network while home with the baby'! Hope Arizona treats you well as you continue to settle in!