June 24, 2010


We are feeling lucky at our house. Audrey is still taking it easy on us....mostly by sleeping a lot. Also, by cooperating with her momma when I tried to take some pictures of her as a newborn. Not to make comparisons, but a certain other child I have tried to photograph for the past two plus years has not been so photogenic in the sum of her entire life as our little Audrey has been in her almost two weeks.

Sisters are pretty great though.

Here we are reading stories, and "helping" give the baby a bath. Is it awful that I took a picture of Kay dumping water on her sister before I stopped her?

Kaylie insists that this is how they must sit together when she watches her movies...holding the baby's hand. Sweet.


Heather and Dave said...

Yes- she is beautiful and we must come see this sweet, photogenic sweetie asap!! We go out of town on Saturday but will call when we return in a week. I am the same way with baby #2, I think we realize how much more resilient newborns are and it's just fine that they endure a little bit of torture from their siblings, since they're trying to "help". Enjoy every minute with your cutie pies :) Happy 4th!

The Tomlinsons said...

Those are such beautiful and priceless pictures. I love it.

Jeff and Chelsy said...

congrats! She is beautiful.