January 30, 2012

And then a boat why not?

The Swiss have a reputation for transportation. And rightly so. Since we have been here we have been on just about every type of public transportation that could exsist, and get around without a car completely. While a car would come in handy some times.....picture me carrying our groceries, and two children home from the market to our apartment every other day. And I used to complain about what a hassle the Walmart is...ha! It is usually unessicary to have a car, because there are always train, trams, buses and today; a boat.
It is really not to cold to be sitting out, Audrey just refused to take her coat of. She is in love with it that silly girl. That and all the birds. I just happened to have part of a roll in my coat pocket, and jeff showed the girls how the seagulls would catch pieces of it mid air... to Tiny's delight.
It took us to Lucern, a quiet little mid evil town about an hour away from us. We were impressed the minute we stepped off the boat.
We had set out to see the Lion Monument. We were able to easily find it using our ever expanding German. The German vocab we have learned the fastest has been animal names soley from an app game the girls have on the ipad. Who says kids ipad time is un-valuable. So far it has assisted us in finding "the Lowe" and kept me from buying "Pferd" meat (horse meat) to cook for dinner. I say .99 cents at the app store well spent.
We were all really impressed by the monument. It is dedicated to the 800 Swiss martyrs that were killed, trying to protect Marie Anntoinette during the French Revolution. They were defending a palace they believed her to be in, and sadly she was not even present. But it is all about the loyalty of the men. It was a hallowed and reverent place.
Maybe I felt that way anyways becuase my children were actually quiet. Here is Audrey telling me to be quiet. The minute we walked through the gates she started roaring, and then after she had looked at him for a minute she started to shush us all. She thought the lion was sleeping. Kaylie asked why the lion was sad. Niether of them noticed he was actually dying from being stabbed in the back
The other thing we came to see was the chapel bridge. It is almost a thousand years old. It used to be a dungeon and a tourture chamber. Now it can be rented out for parties and weddings....irony?
I am not sure what Kaylie is so happy about in this picture. It could even be nothing. She is becoming quite the little poser lately.
The city itself was beautiful and worth the visit. There was an estate up on the hill, that Kaylie decided was Cinderellas castle. She said later it was her favorite part of the day. She was such a tropper walking around all day. We hopped on a bus to ride home and she made herself a bed out of my and her coat and was asleep before the bus even pulled out. A long day for everyone all around.


The Tomlinsons said...

Amazing! What a great opportunity for you and your little family to spend some time over there! I am loving all of your posts!

Kellie H said...

That looks like so much fun. I would love to learn about all that history. Miss you guys.