February 28, 2012

Kinder Museum

The girls and I have been trying to find one or two things to do to get us out of the apartment every week to keep them/me from going stir crazy. We usually have a busy and exhausting weekend as we try to pack all the big sights and visits into Saturday and Sunday while Jeff is available. And then Monday comes and he goes back to working 20 hr days...these SkullCandy guys work insanely hard. He did promise me that he would come home for dinner tonight and stay home which only has happened one other time here, it being valentines day. I\whave big plans which include making crepes and watching all the episodes of New Girl that we have missed since moving. Anyone else totally find that show hilarious? Anyways. And then Monday comes... its just me and the girls trying to figure out our way around zurcih and all it has to offer.
The girls bringing sunshine to zurich. I heard that it is snowing at home, but it is springtime weather here in Switzerland. This is a museum that was recommended to us by some members of the branch here. I sure it is mostly the german google engine, but for some reason I can't seem to find out about things like this online. It seems by nature most Swiss are modest in, well everything, but mostly I will have a conversation, and they will mention....have you taken the girls to such and such a place ....and I will say no, and they will say, oh it isn't anything too great, but worth checking out. And then we will go and be totally blown away at how great the place/museum/event is. Or maybe after all the time cooped up in our very small apartment with limited ways to entertain young ones I am easily impressed.
It had a little farm where you planted and harvested the produce. The girls love the little place like this that they have at Thanksgivign point, so they knew just what to do.
A little foam pit for jumping. We took the train there early and were there right when it opened so we had the place almost to ourselves.
One of thier most favorite things was this giant impressions boards. Can you see that that is Audrey? And for some reason , even though tiny toothbrushes with glittery pink toothpast elicit screams of terror on a daily basis, the girls are amused by this large mouth to brush.
Kaylie is becoming very aware of how people are from different countries and speak different languges. This globe speaks all sorts of languges, so she ws intrigued. The other day she was playing with a german girl at the playground. I heard her say to the girl a couple of times....I only speak English. Somehow they played together for a half hour or so despite the languge barrier. When her mother came to collect her I am sure she told her mother, just as Kaylie would later tell me that she made a friend who spoke a different languge. Not becuase I could understand the little girl, but because as they walked away I heard her mother say to her....hello, how are you? Like she had asked what you say to someone who speaks English?
Audrey is mooing at the cows.
A recycling game. The Swiss have indoctrinated Kaylie with their passion for recycling. They are crazy for it here and it is very complicated, but Kaylie thinks it is all fun. I kid you not, the other day I bribed Kaylie to go to the store with me, not by telling her I would by here a treat, but by telling her I would let her sort the recyling when we got there.
There was plenty of things to climb on, and plenty of buttons to push, and water to play in, it reminded me a lot of the discovery center downtown. After a few hours they girls were tired.
This is a little naptime room they had for little ones to rest in. It said for less then 2 years, but like I said hardly anyone was there soI let Kaylie come in too. It was Adurey favorite thing, she kept going back and just laying under the "stars" and singing twinkle twinkle to herself.
Everyone needed a snack at the cafeteria after all our hard work playing. How could a little girls day get any better then playing all day at the new kids museum....pink donuts with sprinkles, that's how!


Crystal said...

Do you love justifing treats at ever turn because you won't get to eat swiss treats for long. It seems every post ends with a treat.... just as it should

Jeff said...

audrey in the impressions board made me chuckle, that's awesome.

Cameron Family said...

Looks fun! I thought Jeff was supposed to work a regular schedule so you would see him a little more. Boo!