February 07, 2012

Bits of Normal

It is a freaking ice box over here. Really it is. Is it making the news back home? I am curious. Googling places to visit while planning our weekend here we saw temperatures at like -11 degrees. We even got snow down by the lake Needless to say, we decided the best place to be was home. Snug in our apartment.
But we are not homebodies, and so after a half day at home snug we bundled ourselves up and went "exploring" as Kaylie calls it. That is what we say when mom and dad set out to find someplace fun for your girls and so, even though we are armed with our subway schedules and our iphone trasit apps, not being 100% sure we will be able to locate what we are after, we do not make promises of anything fun. Failure to navigate properly and spootty buisniess hours over here lend themselves easiliy to disspointment.
We were not dissapointed in the least.
To the delight of little girls....."starbies". A place like I have never seen before. Like the Chick fil a playland and jump on it had a baby and then it grew exponentially. This place was great. The girls were giddy. Kaylie ran from one thing to the next at super speed, giggling, and told us she wanted to come here every day. For as difficult as I would expect it to be to get there agian sans dad I am sure we will give it a try.
Audrey scram "jump-in, jump-in" like the entire time we were there. They had a ball. And it felt like the familiar type of fun they are used to.
Tiny throwing balls at Jeff....she has quite the arm for a baby girl.
And then by happy accident,and mostly my delight, we stumbled onto this....

Yes, mexican food. And it tasted much like Mexican food. And sitting inside a resturant that reminded us of "on the border", we felt at home. Jeff and I both agreed on that....also looking at all the pictures of cancun made us agree to go someplace warm when we get home. Forget Europe, next time I get on a plane it will be headed to Phoenix. It broke our per diem, but guacomole and homemade tortillas are totally worth it in my book.

And then last, but certainly not least for weekend adventures, Movenpick. Not an accident. We are well aware of the location of the ice cream shoppe....we are Carpenters after all. The girls absolutely hate it here can you tell?

So in the end, even though I had begged and pleaded with Jeff to let us go someplace , and he thought it was best between his load of work and the freezing temperatures to stay put, he was probabllly right. Especcially if we left it up to a poll....the girls would vote this was thier favorite weekend yet. That I in the end I am glad for the low key weekend and the chance to rest up. No not for anything big or exciting....think me, and the girlies, alone in a mostly strange place ( here) where we don't know anyone, and we have no car or telephone. Jeff is off to someplace else for work for a few days and I am to say the least; anxious about it.

Wish us all the luck you have.



Crystal said...

Good luck. I am anxious for you too

Casey said...

Yes, the cold over there is making news here. My friends and family in the south of France and in Croatia have all posted pictures of quite a bit of snow which doesn't happen often there! I'm loving seeing your little girls' Europe adventures! Stay warm!