March 08, 2012

Kaylie models at the zoological museum.

I feel like before I begin this post I need to preface all of these pictures by saying that Kaylie (nor I ) have ever watched an episode of Top Model or similar show. Ok, I may have watched an episode or two, but we are talking a whole other lifetime ago when I had time to waste on such things/aka before children occured. Maybe with all the thousands of pictures of her I have taken in her lifetime she just wanted to shake things up.
These photos are phone photos, so they are not great, but see what I mean. I have no idea where all these poses and pouty faces are coming from. I took the girls to the University of Zurich's zoological museum. The whole area reminded me of Salt Lake, the University, the teaching hospital and the zoo all up on the hill together. And the museum was filled to the brim with every animal you could thing of....
...and some you would not. That bear type thing is actually real. It said on the info next to it that it was constructed with the real prehistoric bones and then obviouly the fur and facial features were a palentologists renditon of what the animal looked like. I am sure in his time he was fierce, but I thought he was adorable. That blur in the second picture is Audrey running screaming away from the remains of a wolly mamoth.
The whole museum was free, only a five minute tram ride from our house, and so easy, it was one of my favorite me and the girls outings so far. Audreys favorite part was that a lot of the cases had a telephone that if you pressed the number of the animal, it made its sound. It was pretty awesome place for the 1 to 4 year old crowd.
Kaylie's favorites was the giraffe ( her favorite animal) and that for the majority of our time inside, I let her have the phone and used it to snap a picture of every animal she liked. There was plenty to choose from. I was really amazed. It was even better then a zoo because they had absolutley ever animal, and none were hiding or hard to see. Yes, they were stuffed dead, but the girls are barely old enough to notice. And there was little walking and it was warm.
This was the best part of the muesum for me. A huge map fo the earth with all the animals placed in their region. Can you spot the rhino in upstate new york? The exhibit was under glass so it is not like it had been moved, and it was the only randomly located animal. I am sure it was some ones idea of a joke, and I thought it was sure funny.

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Crystal said...

I think that dead stuffed animals rival zoos too. LIke the bean museum. not crowds or weather to fight and no hiding animals. Ant it is true the kids don't hardly seem to notice